86 World Report

Be an '86 World Reporter'!

About iPhone App

Let's shoot the images of 86 driving around the world and share them on Twitter and Facebook!
86 is now driving around you! Shoot cool images of 86 on your favorite background!

* This application will work on iPhone4 and iPod Touch 4 or higher, and require iOS 6 to upload image to Facebook.

How to Use this App

Top Screen

This App has the following 4 functions.

  • Camera Mode
  • Share
  • My Flash Report
  • Link

Camera Mode

Tap "CAMERA START" on the screen and hold iPhone horizontally in front of you.
Adjust the angle to overlap two marks on the screen.
If it is adjusted successfully, camera mode will start.
Pan a camera, and track 86. Tap screen and shoot images.
Please allow this App to use your camera roll.
If you have not allowed it first please change privacy of photos from setting to allow this App to access.

Camera Mode Screenshot


Select your image to share and tap "Next".
Tap "Twitter" or "Facebook" and share your cool shot.

Share Screenshot 1 Share Screenshot 2

My Flash Report

Select your images and touch "Next".
Enjoy your original flash report your cool shots are incorporated into.

My Flash Report Screenshot


Links to Toyota Motor Corporation Global Website and Toyota Global Official Channel on YouTube.
Catch up on the latest news from Toyota on the global website, and enjoy the 86 promotion movies and the other movies on the official channel.

Link Screenshot

Terms of Use


It is based on the premise that the right clearances regarding subjects appeared in images posted by you should be made by you.
We are not responsible for infringement of any intellectual property rights,
privacy or any other rights in connection with subjects appeared in images posted by you.